How can I be stable in any situation, How can my mind be stable? It’s always based on situation, your mind gets fluctuated. In good news it becomes Happy, In bad one it gets stumble and seats alone in corner. Have no idea what to react and how to be as it is, As if…


After a long time, when I meet myself again, I feel like, a journey is about to begin. Journey from outside world to journey within self. No doubt there will always be new experience that never came to my past journey. I would be blank about it. But, it would be worth to try out…

Self-love & Acceptance

Love I have read somewhere love is life. We are social animals 🙂 We can’t live whole life alone. We need love. The expression of love may be different. By talking with someone, With deep hug, By just watching someone, By reminding someone, But, what if no one is there. How will you be happy…

Life = $truggle(joy)

I know it’s not easy, It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. To have a life full of struggle, But, not without enjoyment. Not all can enjoy the struggle, As there can’t be true with wrong But, the beauty is when you feel lazy without struggle. What’s the value of life, If it’s as simple as…

Indian Army

When we find a groom, We see their cast, religion, Financial strength etc., etc., etc., What they checks is, Does he serves the nation. That’s the difference! Their cast, their religion is their nation, serve the nation – India! That’s it! #indian #army

One step at a time towards impossible

Impossible! Word says I can’t do this. It’s not possible for me. This is what a normal person says when they say it’s impossible. I M possible What some motivational speakers sees it. But, do you guys think it is really possible. When you come to such situation in your life, can you follow this…


अब बरसो तुम बनके जालिम न रहे प्यासी अब ज़मी हमारी भूल जाये वो सूर्य प्रकोप बरसा था जो उस पे हर पल

Thoughts – Gujarati Poem

For my lovely readers who don’t understand Gujarati 🙂 sometimes to see flying birds eyes goes to horizon, And when no birds find over there, eyes comes back to home, And sees that was already set near by me, That chirping bird, Where was the need to go that far

Thinking Machine

If someone don’t speak much, Don’t interpret as a dumb, Their mind must be working on  something very big or may be he is a  writer and observing surrounding on  which he would come with some deep  write-ups.