Gift a Book

Hi guys, If anyone interested ping your email/whatsapp no. I will send the detail of address where you need to send a book 😊 Also my address to share with fellow participants. So, I can get some interesting reading stuff 😋😉 Let’s enjoy reading by participating the game. Hurry guys, Christmas is on it’s peak…


Write the views you feel about anything & everything here. Because you’re the creator here, No one has dare to stop your thoughts here, It’s full democracy. No one to oppose you here. It’s no more British rule over here, Who ban you from expressing your thoughts. So, be open, speak bluntly, But for truth….

Through Heart

From my home to your, There is a way for sure From my phone to your, There are some wires for sure From my eyes to your, There is a sight for sure But, There is no medium between our hearts. Even though it holds a tight connection. How magical it is!

Rats finds new home

It was a single building which is not at road side. There are so many people living there. But, there ara some creatures, rats apart from them who belives that this building is their world. They were living there from so many months. Their fathers and forfathers were living there. They were living happy life….

Keep in mind

When you meet someone From outside your country, Keep in mind, You are putting your country’s impression in their mind ☺


Have you guys seen that painting Painting which can’t be conveyed Conveyed by normal people like you & me We can’t understand anything about it But, they are with utmost worth For people who love art For people who knows art You & me would laugh when we see it We would say it can…

Reflection 2k17 Collab

Reflection, Its about year 2k17! Honestly I find it difficult to recall any specifics. but, let’s take one step at a time. If you see at my blog, I have written less here. But, really I found some good people from writing world. I have written for a book free of cost 😝 I became…


वक्त अपना काम कर रहा है, चलने का। दुनिया काम कर रही है अपना, चलने का। आप भी अपना काम कर रहे हो, जीवन आगे बढाने का। सही है। सब अपने अपने काम में लगे हुए हे, और करते रहेंगे जीवन के अंत तक, बिना कोई गलती किये। सही है। क्या इतना काफी है? जीवन…

Diversity – Collaboration

Diversity – Our this month’s theme. What should I tell you guys on this 🙂 As an Indian, there would be no better example other than us as a most diverse community on the earth 😀 You take it in any angle, The religion, the community, language you speak, area of work, festivals, games, etc.,…

Village + Wait

There is song in big voice, The holy one! Entertaining my ears 😇 People are going by me, In both the direction! People are talking around me. There are small shops all around me. Some vehicles going by me. There is free water place in front of me. There is a nice fair at this…


The real fun is when, People think he don’t understand about what we are doing with him. But, actually we understand all the things about them and behaves like we don’t have any idea about that. Just enjoy analysing what they are doing 😀😉🙂

Boring day

After so many hectic weekends, When you get a chance to have a free time at home, Without any work, and seating all alone, As other people taking afternoon sleep, It’s really awkward and boring feeling 🙂😞😉🤗