Thoughts – Gujarati Poem

For my lovely readers who don’t understand Gujarati 🙂 sometimes to see flying birds eyes goes to horizon, And when no birds find over there, eyes comes back to home, And sees that was already set near by me, That chirping bird, Where was the need to go that far Advertisements

Thinking Machine

If someone don’t speak much, Don’t interpret as a dumb, Their mind must be working on  something very big or may be he is a  writer and observing surrounding on  which he would come with some deep  write-ups.

Presenting to you, Bumblebee! Magazine

I am not writing a simple article. I am giving a chance to you to fulfill your dreams. You won’t get such chances every now and then. Yes, I am talking about chance to your article gets published in a magazine called BUMBLEBEE! One more thing, your time is running and it’s limited because the…

Life Across Border – 2

Part – I : Life Across Border – l These are my thoughts on what would be situation for the people who had to leave their home at the time of India-Pakistan Separation. In first part, I have portrayed feeling of each member of a joint family when they forcibly took decision to leave their…

1337 Magical Number

Thanks for all likes… 1337 – not just a number.. It’s much more than random number. It tells much.. Much about my journey.. About guys behind me… Behind my writing journey… Your love for my work… Your each like comes with tons of happiness… Comes with lots of motivation for writing… Thank you guys…. 🙂

Cry out loud

Cry when you feel like, There is nothing wrong in crying sometimes It gives peace, sometimes required #health #peace #cry

Writing importance

Importance of writing in my life is like importance of breath in our life… you will ask How?? You won’t know value and joy of breath, until some hurdles come in a way.. Same way you may not understand what you get by writing, But, when you stop it you will feel like something very…


writing is as easy as we breath… isn’t it???

Reading amazing Gujarati book

From, Zaverchand Meghani Name is enough… Book Review: As I have mentioned it’s a Gujarati book written by the writer of poem “janni ni jod sakhi nahi Jade re lol” The book is about people who were normal like you and me and living under the King’s rule in India’s different states during different time…

Live for yourself

Hey man, where are you going? Wait for a while, think twice. Why are you going there? What would happen if you won’t go? Let be what it is or where it is? Just double check if it’s important for you? Or just going for shake of others?? If so, please don’t go. Because life…