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                         Tragedy with DOG

I was on mini diwali vacation with family.
we were at Arnej in Gujarat.
we had planned to go dholka(kalikund), take a dinner and after that reach at Ahmedabad, back to home.
We are searching for a shuttle rickshaw to go dholka.
One of the rickshaw driver told us that there is a train to dholka at 4:30, It will save your lot of money and you will reach faster at your place.
We have seen time. It was 4:15.
We have asked there to some people that “how far the station is from here?”
He show us the way and told its not even 5 minutes by walking.
There would not be food available after 5:45 as It was a Jain Temple and as per the religion jain people don’t eat after sunset.
so, we thought its the right decision to take a train.
We started to go to railway station.
In the way, I have seen a government school.

Government Girls’ School

There was one girl with her mother, they were coming towards us with two water jugs one-above-another on head.

water from well

It was with great balance without picking it with hand.
In the route ahead we show a well near by the road.


fetching water from well
There was one girl fetching water from well very fast with great energy.

Finally, we reached to the railway station at 4:19.

Railway Station

we have taken ticket to Dholka which was 3rd stop from Arnej.

Arnej was small village. so, Its a small railway station.
but, there were so many people over there.
surprisingly, There were so many people were sitting on the train track without hasitation.

We put our luggage over there. we were waiting for a train.
As usuval train was late and we were before time 😉

There was one family having father with son and daughter.

We have heard voice of train from away.
There were too many people are ready to seat in train.
so, it was tough to enter in the train.
That family went on the other side of track to suffer less from croud.

Mean time one dog came from somewhere and started walking on railway track near by that family.
The girl from that family has seen this dog.
She pointed out dog and told him to go away of track otherwise you will die.
She told as if dog can understand her.
Fortunately dog went away from the track.

but, after some seconds train was very near and at the same time dog came again to the track.

Dog on Railway Track

now train was coming and it was only about 2-3 foot away from dog.
people have seen this.
people from both side of track started to try to make dog away from the track.
so, dog can be saved.
but, In this confusion and big voice of train and people from both sides dog can’t decide to go on which side and it started walking on the track straight away.
The train reached very near to dog.
As train ran over the dog , We thought now dog will defenitely die under train.

The dog was totally horified with this unexpected situation.
I have seen under ther train to see what happened to that dog.

I seen that dog is horified and his voice can be clearely heard inspite of a very big sound of train.
Luckily there was a space between train and the track that if dog remain over there without trying to come out dog can be saved and train will go away over dog.
But, in that horrible moments dog tried to save himself and went out from the track and it went on his way to die.
His mouth came out of the track but not his body.
Train wheels has done its work and went away from the neck of the dog.
The mouth came out from the track and body remained inside.
The dounge came out side of his mouth and blood vessels came his way out with mouth.
The situation made all people cold. The cold wave has went away through body.
I can’t beleive to my eyes on the other end I can’t forget that whole scene.
We entered inside the train but, our mind were still stick over that horrible scene.
We have seen death of dog live.
We have seen tragedy with dog live.
We were live witness over there.

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Yes.. Consistently It’s now 1 year today only to that tragedy.


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