Have you guys seen that painting

Painting which can’t be conveyed

Conveyed by normal people like you & me

We can’t understand anything about it

But, they are with utmost worth

For people who love art

For people who knows art

You & me would laugh when we see it

We would say it can be done by us also.

But, you know what,

You know the beauty of those paintings,

We don’t even know if we should call it painting or portrait or something similar.

But, what real value of it is,

You can imagine anything in it.

It conveys different perception for every single one of us.

We can connect with the eternity,

At the same time we can connect to the self

The inner self,

A soul within us.

If we see it in a different way,

It says about a different concept related to every single thing around us.

For each & every thing in this world,

There is different perception of all of us.

So, accept others perception rather than arguing with them.

Life will be lot more easier than now..

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