Village + Wait

There is song in big voice,

The holy one!

Entertaining my ears 😇

People are going by me,

In both the direction!

People are talking around me.

There are small shops all around me.

Some vehicles going by me.

There is free water place in front of me.

There is a nice fair at this place.

It’s 10:04! 🕙

It’s just in its starting phase.

There is a huge led screen..

Showing closed door of temple.

Some people are watching it.

It’s cross road,

With so many lights.

It’s a place where may be in normal days only darkness instead of full of lights.

It’s village.

Yes, it’s village unknown for me.

But, I likes this place.

There is a briz of cool open air,

Which we don’t experience in city full of pollution.

It’s village and I am standing with support of bike near by me.

And I am writing as I am waiting for family members.

And a person came who took the bike.

The bike which I was using as a support 😀😉


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