Reading amazing Gujarati book


From, Zaverchand Meghani
Name is enough…

Book Review:

As I have mentioned it’s a Gujarati book written by the writer of poem “janni ni jod sakhi nahi Jade re lol”

The book is about people who were normal like you and me and living under the King’s rule in India’s different states during different time period.

But, at some point of time they got cheated by their state or King of state.
So, they fought for their rights, they fought for the truth.

They were not like any normal thief or ” daku”.
They had their values and they fought with values. They giving value to ladies. They save insects. They were living like saint.
They sacrifice their family life for the truth and their rights.
This book is regarding their qualities and problems came across their journey and how they fought bravely against whole state army.

So, basically this book is regarding their straggle for truth and fight with values in mind.

Hope, I have given proper review šŸ™‚


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  1. devikaparekh says:

    Do give me the reviews???

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      For what? Devika..

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      1. devikaparekh says:

        For the book that u r reading…

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        1. Divyang Shah says:

          Ohh yes. I have read very few pages. But, yes I can write. I am writing as part of the article. So, other can get benefit.

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        2. Divyang Shah says:

          Updated review. Hope I fulfill your purpose..

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