Old Age Home

Hey man! Stop.
You there, yes! I am talking with you.

Where are you running?
Hey, that’s my bag. It’s not your.

Hey, guys please help me.

That man taken my bag instead of his.
He is in hurry. But, there is very precious thing in the bag.

A girl near by the old man ran behind the young boy running behind the train with his bag to exchange.

After running for a while she reached to the distance from where her shouting can reach to young guy’s ears.

She shouted for the bag and changed as she reached near him.

She was sweating at the moment.
She reached back to the old man told to check out your things are proper.

The old man opened chain and checked a photo. As girl was expecting something really precious materialistic thing. She was like the old guy made her run for just a single photo.

She asked who is the guy in the photo.

He’s my son – a sort reply from old guy.

Okay uncle where are you going? I will give lift you.

Man said no I am okay. I will go by myself.
A girl insisted, guy refused.

Girl followed a guy to check where he’s going.
A guy took a taxi.

As a girl went behind, the taxi stopped at old age home and the guy came out with the photo of his son in hand.


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