Cousins laughter Enjoyment

If such situation arise what may happen when cousins meets and conversation comes to such point and then what starts is just priceless bluffing, comedy, gupsup..etc., etc., etc.

If we reach to some place where we are the only people and we play, eat flowers 😉 go to sleep again wake up, play, eat, sleep. Some soul came to night and horror stories starts.. One after another.
Some bluffing with little bit reality 😉 and make people cry in shiver and than laugh like a mad..
When meet cousins remind each other how we used to tease and how was the madness…

That’s the real life and real enjoyment 🙂

Have some such valuable moments in your busy schedule and share your experience with cousins in comment box to have some real laugh and enjoyment 🙂 😉 (y)


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  1. neha98blog says:

    Now that’s a post everyone can releate to..Cousins are the most fun and maddest persons in human form..Life would be so dull without family,friends,food and writing

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Cousins are ready made friends sent from the god.. We were six cousins. So, if friends make any cheating or says no to play, we all come back to home as without us their team would not be possible 😉 😀

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      1. neha98blog says:

        That’s why they said cousins are best friends that god created for us.

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