Small lovely story

“Hey, aunty where is bunty?”, rani asked as she came to home without knocking the door.

Nisha aunty told her slightly high tone, ” thanks, rani you came, I am shouting on bunty from last half an hour. He sleeps late and not wake up even at 10 o’clock.
Please, go and wake him up.”

“Okay, aunty I just going and come with him in kitchen. You just make his bread jam ready”, rani relied with confidence.

” and what you will take rani?”, aunty asked.

Rani : “You know aunty, my green tea. Please, make it ready for me, I just went and came back with sleeping baccha, let’s see how bunty sleeps now 😉 ”

She goes inside the room and start yelling like mad and start playing with him with pillow.

Bunty can’t wait but get up instantly to greet, meet and talk with rani.

They started playing with pillow, they forgot about breakfast in their ongoing talk.

In 15 min. aunty came in and said I know you will definitely wake up this sleeping bunty.
Let’s have breakfast if your ongoing talk has completed.

And they went for breakfast….


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