Can you???

If you don’t have any rare quality,
It is possible you don’t get noticed.

But, then also you will definitely try to show off your skills, that actually you don’t have.
You try to sell your skills,
You try to show more than what actually you have.
You want to sell it and get something in return, whatever it is.
It is money, health, wealth, friends, stardom, whatever it is.

You will always try to get it by hook or cook.

Now, if you actually blessed with some great and rare out of the world quality as a god gift.
What will you do? 🙂
You will be on 7th cloud now.
You would not leave a single chance to show off.
It may possible you will try to show it to all over the world and try to get some great awards from your locality or from state or country.

Am I wrong?
If so than you are really great person.
If you disagree with that than you can argue in comment box 🙂

But, there were people, there were two girls who have been called to show their quality from the Akbar badshah  in Delhi. But, they chose  something different rather showing off their quality (rag Malhar – they can make rain with their singing).

Want to know full story!
Please visit over here
When Angels Sing


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  1. Sounds interesting…

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Some stories gives us a chance to think after putting ourselves at their place..

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