Swimming goggles

What is swimming goggles?

If we think about goggles, what comes to our mind first is fashion statement. But, when it comes the word swimming with goggles, fashion is just one aspect to see out of many. Apart from that swimming goggles used mainly for the eye safety. Either you are swimming in ocean to explore sea life or in pool just for fun or competitive swim or in lake near your place always there is a chance that the water can pinch your eyes. Your beautiful eyes converted to red and it must be painful to you. You can’t keep your eyes open in that salty water to explore sea life. That UV rays  of sun can heart your eyes. That chlorine of pool can hurt your eyes. Your day that should start with full of energy may be converted to painful day.
Apart from this your eyes can have a blurry vision in water to see through water. So, here swimming goggles comes to help you out to allow you explore, have a fun with eye safety.
So, swimming goggles is the must have  thing in your swimming kit.

Advantages of using swimming goggles

Now, you may tell me why should I invest in this swimming goggles as there are so many people out doing their everyday swimming exercise without goggles.

But, let me tell you there are numerous reasons you should use swimming goggles and reason behind people not using it is only because no one has given awareness of usefulness of swimming goggles to them.

Let’s see some of eye catching benefits.

– You can open your eyes easily and no  chemical or salt under water can burn your eyes. So, after all it is protecting your most valuable body organ, your eyes.

– You can see through the water and explore under water life in sea and if you are participating in any competition you can clearly see your winning point.

– It’s also a style statement that makes your personality better.

– It saves your eyes from UV rays when you are swimming outdoor.

– Its scientifically proven that if you wear swimming goggles over your spects it will generate much less bacteria on your spects. So, it’s great idea to have it. It’s called microorganisms in medical terminology.

– If you are wearing lenses there are chances that they go away in water. But, if you wear swimming goggles it will not lost.

These are just few advantage to make you aware about its helpfulness.

Disadvantages of using swimming goggles

As you know everything that comes to the market from very small thing to very large products all comes with some disadvantage and as time goes it may gets overcome with improvements. So, it’s also true for swimming goggles.

The swimming goggles may not be useful more than a few feet underwater. The reason is, as you goes more inside the water, the water pressure will increase and it will press tightly against the face. So, when you are doing diving exercise in swimming, diving mask would be better option.

The other problem some people face is, after swimming for time being goggles makes ring underneath the eyes for some days. It’s depends on skin. So, its possible but not always.

Apart from these other problems like water gets leaked, cost, fitting goggles to eyes, fog issues can be overcome with different choices of swimming goggles.

So, there are very less disadvantage to count.


To conclude, I want to clear some aspects of swimming goggles. It’s good to have a pairs of them if that fulfill our requirements on broad aspects like price, warranty, colors, protection.
Apart from having some negative points there are so many plus points that allow me to buy pair of them. One more point you should take in mind is based on your requirement from fun or practice or completion the above criteria gets changed and you should decide based on that.

Have a Swimming Goggles, Happy & Safe Swimming 🙂


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