Different Experience on this Planet

What do you think?

Do you think anyone who don’t like their own appreciation.
Do you think someone like their insult.

Yes there is someone or you may call it something.

Before, I go further do you believe that plants have life in it? They have Saul in them.

Yes, they have.
If you don’t believe here my family had an experience of that before I think 15 years.
Yes, 15 years.

At that time, we went to the place called kumbhariyaji – Jain temple, in Rajasthan, India.
When we were returning to Gujarat,India my home we took a small break in one farm near by the road.

There was a farmer. My father talked with him and he showed some plants he was nurturing.
He said about nature of those plants, which was shocking.
He told that if you give appreciation to these plants they will stop growing and starts dying on the other end you tell them insulting words they will be full of flowers and will grow well.

My father decided to buy some of them.
We grown them at our home.
We tried on what the farmer said and unexpectedly that was true for those plants.

So, there is so many things in this world that you fill magical but that exist and it’s just out of your reach.
So, explore world, experience such thing and share with us. šŸ™‚


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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Thanks Talkaholicme šŸ™‚

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