Happiness of silence & peace

At my office there is a very well maintained and very huge garden area.
Many employees from different companies goes over there in a break.
But, I was not going over there.

Last week I went over there with friends.
We took a round and than seat at one place.

We sat quietly without talking with each other.
It was very very peaceful place.
I have closed my eyes and tried to feel atmosphere.

It was really different, something like that I needed from so long.
I was very late to go over there.

Eyes were closed.
Chippering of birds were going on in background.
From so far there was very slow voice of  vehicles.
I was able to feel very cool air touching me and going by me.

I feel very peaceful.
I think in past sadhu baba going to forest for meditation to get such a peaceful atmosphere.
So, they don’t disturb with people and noise pollution and can connect with God.

I can understand the value of such peaceful place.
We can feel happy without any facility or entertainment just by feeling the atmosphere or seating silently.

Today we are not able to get such quality time even for 5 min. In a day.
Try to get some time and enjoy in such a peaceful place. You will miss it

We need it in such hactic life.


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  1. Peace is something that cannot be explained in words….

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Yes, it can only be experienced and can’t be explained

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      1. Yes! that’s true!!….

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  2. Solitude is addicting. Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t wanna deal with people..! 😊 I always cherish such little joys of happiness and peace, but as you said it’s very difficult to experience that in today’s rat-race life..!

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Yes! Riddhi we need to borrow out such time from daily routine…

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Thanks varchswata 🙂

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