Situation – Mindset in India

People in India and all over world talking about rio Olympic.
Sakshi won bronze…
P.v. sindhu won silver in badminton for India.
These are proud moment. Yes! Really I feel proud for that.
I am mad for that.

But, we should also aware about whats going on with our brothers and sisters in Kashmir.
We should take care about that also.
We are enjoying our life as we are in safe part of country but there is corfue from last 1-2 Months in Kashmir.
One of our child could not be able to go to Srinagar for flag hosting on India’s 70th Independence Day.

Terrorists are attacks any time.
But, we don’t care about it because we are safe in our house.

Don’t forget that we are safe in our house because our soldiers are sacrificing their lives over there.

Think over it!


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  1. mySestina says:

    You are so right here. The first thing is the safety of its citizens for any country. Thanks for sharing this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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