Indian’s thoughts for India

Today is 70th Independence Day for India.
Today we all feel proud that we got birth in such a great country.
Great in so many ways.
Our nurturing, family life, emotional attachment with relatives, neighbours, animals. The nonviolence which is base of our Independence.
India has given a new way of winning people without using gun or tanks.
Martin Luther & Nelson Mandela followed that in their country and all got success.


News paper on the day of Independence
15th August – 1947

You would be surprise that in India 22 official languages people speaks and 1600 different speaking styles people are using. So, people from so many cultures leaves happily with each other for past 70 years and will for so long. This can only be possible in India and no other countries (y).
Thanks my Indian followers for the same.


I will invite all other followers to come India once in a lifetime and it will be your lifelong experience for sure.

Happy Independence Day to all Indian guys once again 🙂


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  1. Monica says:

    Happy independence day! Hope we also get free from the evil norms. 💭📝

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      It depends upon everyone’s thoughts and it will improve by education

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  2. bhaatdal says:

    जी हाँ यहाँ हर १०० कोस पे भाषा , वेश भूषा , परिधान , और परम्परा बदलती है .. तपते रेगिस्तान से लेके बर्फ़ीले कश्मीर तक , हरियाली सात बहनों से लेके तप्त चेन्नई तक अनेको अनेक रंग समेटे हमारी धरती को बराबर नमन ; और आग्रह है कि पधारो हमारे देस ।

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Thanks for inviting bloggers to visit India…


      1. bhaatdal says:

        🙂 it is our pleasure 🙂


  3. BCube |BloggerByBelief| says:

    You have mentioned just 70 years of unity in diversity. Many more centuries can be added to that pre-independance.

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