What A person really wants from life

Today If we ask some person about what they want from life.
There will be different answers from person-to-person.

Someone will say I want money others may say I want home or family bonding or peace or car, a big business etc.,

Currently there was an interview with e-commerce business leader jack ma – owner of Chinese no. 1 e-commerce company alibaba.

He is at the top in his business and at level where so many people have dream to reach there.

What he said in his interview will be shocking for all of you.

He said that alibaba is his biggest mistake and he will never do this type of huge business in his next life.
He added that he just want to setup a small retail store but it grew like anything.
It is much wast now that he can’t spend family time. He is so much busy with his business.

So, this was his response!!!

He want peace of mind. Many people will laugh over his statement.
But, he must be going through such a situation that make him to speak like this in public.

To speak like such at this level in public really need courage and honesty towards oneself.

So, to become reach is not solution of each and every problem.
Rather be happy in each and every situation will be more helpful 🙂


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