I don’t talk with I

I read one article recently.
It has forced me to think over it.
It was regarding how much time you take out for yourself from daily hectic life.
You will say I don’t give time to myself as l am running with so many responsibilities towards my company, my family, friends.

Yes, you are right.
It is!
But, It will not end before your life.
So, you will not focus on yourself.

What about your responsibility towards yourself.
Generally , you focus on your benefit in each single event of life.
But, really do you give some genuine time to yourself?
I doubt.

We are so busy with friends, family and work. It may be through social media like fb, WhatsApp or any other media.
It makes you away from self.

So, please forget all this xyz stuff for 5 mins. In a day and give it to you.

It will really impact and give you fresh energy and make you happy 🙂


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