Behaviour Change

Someone talks much less when they meet someone face-to-face.

But, when they meet on call or say talk on chats talks a lot.

Does it mean that they are not good as they behave differently in different type of meeting.

But, that may not be a case.

Every person has ifs and buts, has some quality and downsides.

It may be possible that someone can share their feeling through speaking and others by just writing.

Does that means the person is wrong?
No, otherwise you will put every introvert person in that category and you misguide any good person.

So, way of communication may differ person to person.

That’s just one scenario, there can be n no. of such scenario where you may misjudge some person just because he/she is different from normal ones.

So, you should think twice before judging someone from only single perspective

You may miss out some good friend due to inappropriate perception towards person…


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  1. True…think twice before judging anyone

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