Nature – The Environment


In the garden, in afternoon, when the sun was bombarding rounds of hit and birds are scribing on the trees in their nest, the environment is really very horrible.

There was an unknown and irritating silence in the air of garden.

There isn’t any voice apart from that birds voice and some vehicles passing by the garden.

One person parks his bike outside the park.
He has his huge bag with him and he is a salesman of medicines going to different hospital and sells medicine he got from medical store with a big target to complete, which most probably not possible to complete. The medicine merchant also knows that as he don’t need to pay extra commission for the same.

He is aware of that. He enters garden with all those stress and it can be seen on his face.
His face is swept by hit and his shirt was wet. His hairs which are parted neatly in the morning were in battle with each other now.
His white eyes converted in bloody red color.
His face has taken reddish color which is even more horrible than environment.

How person can be more horrible than his creator – ‘The Environment’?

But, everyone and everything has an inbuilt nature of change.
Here it will happen with person first and nature afterwards.

Person took out a bottle of water which has cold water in morning but no more now.
He opened it and filled it with cold water from water pot, he got refreshed with mouth wash and went to his daily place under the huge banyan tree.
Opened bag chain and came out nicely packed tiffin from his loving wife.

He took a lunch,  water afterwards and finally a mini nap, nice sleep.
His mind and body were fresh now and his hard work don’t took time to make him sleep. Tree shadow helped him to sleep.

Finally, its time to change nature of nature – ‘The Environment’

The hit is law now, people started to came out of home and slowly and gradually, hit wave started converting into cold.
The noise of people started and small children started to come to garden with their moms and friends.

Now silent garden is converted into joyfully cheers of children.

So, the whole changes its nature as its getting mature.

So, its nature that changes over time  weather its our nature or its nature’s nature.


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