From Writer to Writers…

Hi I am on the way to writing.
There may be so many readers or no one is there to read. it.
Its possible that even I am also don’t read it again in future.
But, than also I will write. 

You know why?

If you are writer and  you really likes to write you definitely know the answer. Answer is I write not because others will read. Its because I likes it.
Its not like that someone will like it and I will be happy.
Its like instant happiness.
The time I write I will be happy.
Even if no one will read it.
The happiness of writing is not depends upon others. Its like you write and you will be happy on that same moment
—happiness of writing—
from aspiring writer


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  1. That’s d only point of writing…u write coz u like it

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    1. Divyang Shah says:

      Yes, though I am not a professional writer

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