Disconnection from Gadgets & Money – Peace exist!

There was a huge jungle.

It was on some unknown place.

The whole place was full of trees and waterfalls and hills.

There was a very small hut beside the hill.

It was made up of grass and leaves of big size.

It was small but very well mannered.

There was a person living over there.

He was eating fruits that fall from trees naturally.

He was drinking water from river.

He has no idea about money.

In fact, there wasn’t nothing like money.

He used to eat fresh fruit, drink fresh water, used to sleep early as there wasn’t light apart from natural sun light.

He used to wakeup early as he used to sleep early.

His life was pretty simple that no one of us can think of that life.

As, we want mobile, net, a.c., pc and so many human made items which all are not live.

On one odd day, there came some 2-3 people with camera, notebook, mobile and many gadgets with them.

They seen this person and start asking about this jungle and detail they are curious to know about.

but, the person was more curious about what are the things these people are carrying with them.

He was totally unaware of that, rather he was bit confuse and feel himself in danger.

When people understood that this person is totally unaware about mobile & camera and all, they were like in a shock that where we came and how in 21st century someone is not aware about this mobile and all gadgets.

They taken lunch with this guy and given some understanding about gadgets.

When they ask about how many bucks he will take for lunch and as they understood that he even don’t about something like currency culture is existed in this world.

They were like how the life is fully different from city life.

They can understand that, in city people works day-and-night to earn money to get food.

Here, he doesn’t work anything and not even aware of something like money exist and people are mad after it.

The best point they have seen is that he don’t earn money, he gets his food and he is more happy than the people in city who are wealthy.

Finally, they firmed their mind they will come here every now and than and feel the peace of the place.

They found that the more you are upgraded with the technology, The more their expectation will be.

The more their your expectation, the more it will affect their mental peace.

As that  person was totally unaware of the technology, but than also he was very happy with his life and they are not in the same manner.

But, yes, it may possible that as he knew about these gadgets, he may get expectation higher and he may feel sad as now he expect that he also want something like that.

so, there are chances that the person in jungle go to city to get those gadgets and stumble in race of earning money for day & night.

on the other end those guys start coming for some days over here for mental peace and happiness.

so, anything can happen.

what do you conclude? you can definitely ping me in comment box.

Keep Reading! Make some disconnection with world! Be Happy! 🙂


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