Decision – that change way we live Life

We used to take so many decision in our life.

Like to study this, to go gym, to have a bike, to do shopping, to change job, to start a business or not to do some business or have a gf/bf, to get married or not.

From very small decision of life to very big decision of life.

We take so many decision in our life span.

but, have you thought why we take these decision?

are those decisions of yours?

or they are because to impress someone? or as someone has suggested so you took that way?

almost 90 out of 100 must be from others suggestion or under others impression and not basically really you want to.

It may possible that suggestion was right but it doesn’t mean decision is yours.

we are very much dependent on others for that.

we can suggest others but we can’t take same for ourself.

you may suggest others to take a literature course but you will not as you have fear in mind that will it be able to fulfil my bread & butter?

will family allow me for the same?

you are not ready to take risk for self.

Hope! we all get that courage to take courageous & right decision for our life.

Happy Reading 🙂


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