Book Fair in city

I went to the Book Fair today.

I have seen too many books and purchased some.

I was very happy today and I feel fortunate to have a 7 day book fair in my city and nearby my home.

I was feeling proud that there was a big croud over there and I got idea that so many people are readers and book lovers in my own city 🙂

But, what was shocking to me was price of the books.

book sellers were selling books at so much low rate as it was last day of book fair.

They were selling 6 books for only 100 bucks(rs.) at some stalls before say 4 hours of closing.

My sister came to same stall after 1-2 hours they selling 10 books for 100 bucks(rs.)

so, they were feeling that its last chance to sell their books and no will come to  them once this book fair is over.

so, they were ready to sell at any price.

so, its very bad 😦

It makes sense that people coming to them don’t have value of books.

But, on the positive note, people who are very much interested in reading books. but, money is constraint. They have golden opportunity comes to their door as a Book Fair 2016. so, I hope all have grab this opportunity and make use of it fully.

Keep Re@ding 🙂


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