When someone goes to some place or meet someone he/she has some expectation attached with place/person that it will give me some pleasure or happiness.

If the response doesn’t comes as per the expectation than they will be unhappy and sadness covers his/her mind.

If they will forget that sadness life is very cool and they can live very good way.

But, when such a small expectation doesn’t meet we forget all other happy part of life and just focusing on that small unexpected uneven thing happened to over life.

Its true and I have experienced this so many time.

I am sure we all have faced such situation on some point in life.

We know that such things happens but we can correct such situation.

The more worst part is that if sometime we get as per the our expectation but not others expectation from us and so we become sad.

sometimes we get as per expectation and will be happy. but, that’s also for limited time. After some time what we feel good and was fitting our expectation suddenly, changes to less than expectation.

What do you think? is this happens to me or you also faced such situation?

If you have faced and found solution than you can share your experience with fellow friends.

It will solve some problems of our life and feel people face with joy & happiness.

Keep Smiling 🙂 and make people Smile 🙂


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