Writing – what it is


If you write about writing what it is.

When I have thought about it I realize that’s not that much easy actually.

There are so many obstacles can come in the way.

Particularly, when people who now you personally its tough to write what your really want to write.

There comes so many emotions in between you and your writing.

What you can not be able to say in whole life due to social life and people around you, or you can say due to your social prestige in your locality, you can express that through writing.

But, it stops your hands even over there. If people know you personally read that.

I will say if you want to write what you feel. don’t tell about it to your relatives or people very near to you.

Sometimes there are some topics to write about it need great courage depends on where you born and brought up.

It require so much courage for topics affected to social life and people.

There will be so many people ready to oppose you always.

so, be prepared for the same.

Still you can enjoy your writing without any objection, my Loard šŸ™‚

Keep Writing & Be Happy šŸ™‚


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