Keep In Touch with your Passion

Most of the people coming towards this blog are either professional writer/blogger or free time writer. At the same time they read other blogs what they like.

When there comes topic of passion or something about likes/dislikes or hobby, I have heard so many times something like this

“what you like make it as your work and you will not work for a single day”.

I think its right in normal scenario.

But, is it true when the life comes with so many hurdles and lots of complexity.

It is the  time to check these quotes in real life.

I think when such situation arises people forget all things whether its their passion or hobby.

They gets jumbled and start solving issues in their life and forget what they like.

This doesn’t mean that they actually don’t like what they are saying their passion is.

But, reality is that life comes with some unusual situation that changes structure of their life drastically and they have no control over it.

so, they need some time to come to the right path back.

This time can be an hour , a day , a week, a month, a year or can be some years.

You may be heard from some people like when I was young I was very good at acting/dance/singing and I want to make career in that. but, suddenly situation of family getting bad or some other problem came in between and I need to start working and left my passion.

so, for them that time was so long that they are not able to wait for so long time and way for them is diverted.

You can see that even I have no time from I think last 2-3 weeks and finally I get back to my loving hobby 😉 called writing.

so, If something like this happens to your life. don’t forget what you really really likes and keep in touch with that. It will make you charge for long journey of life having so many ups and downs.

keep in touch with your so called passion and be happy 🙂


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