A Desire

Desire is very dreadful feeling

If there will be no desire, I think there should not be great facility available today anymore.

At the same time, people will be more happy than how much they are today.

And, yes, that’s for sure.

I have read today one heading of a book written by harward MBA graduate which I feel very much relate with what I am saying about desire. The heading was


If we take only the first part of the equation that is WANT NOTHING that means no desire at all.

There was a different system of living before where there was no need of money to live happily.

The term live happily again remind me one out of the topic discussion going on today in whole world.

From last some weeks I used to see in news paper that different countries now focusing more on happiness index rather gdp.

They have whole different department focuses on their people’s happiness.

so, world is more focusing on happiness rather than money value.

so, I think world is taking reverse turn towards their history.

As I was talking that there was a time when money was not a medium to live a happy life.

People don’t have desire to earn more. they used to help people with what they have extra with them.

They don’t have desire to make savings and earn more. they were happy with what they have and they don’t used to compare their earning with others rather they help others if it was possible for them.

For a shit word called desire people used run behind money day and night and from young age to the last day of their life when their body is not supporting them.

And their relatives used to feel proud that they were working till the  last day of their life.

I think desire puts extra burden on our mind which is called tension which slowly and gradually comes with blood pressure, high tension and many other problems in life.

so, we should be more focused on to be more happy rather than more earning like what all countries started thinking 🙂

Be happy and increase your country happiness Index 😉




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