Leap Year! 29th Feb.

My last post was on 21st Feb.

Then, I haven’t wrote anything.

There isn’t like that I don’t got any topic to write.

The problem was my schedule.

Yes, It was the most busiest schedule till date.

I have no planning to write even today.

But, suddenly, I have seen one post of Aishwarya, one of the follower and I am following to.

I haven’t read it full, just the title and birds eye view. One word blink out of it was a tag leap-year.

So, I thought I should write because even in my busy schedule god has given one extra day this year. so, I can get some extra time to write an article.

My cousin uncle has birth day on 29th Feb.

so, it comes once in a 4 years 🙂

we used to tell them. You had panned this day. so, you don’t need to give party every year. its a cheating.

I used to calculate how many years old he is.

He would be little than me because they grow 1 year after every 4 years 🙂


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