what is that?

why it comes?

when it comes & how it goes?

What I want to share is just my experience and what people around me say about it.

When there is some task I need to done on particular time. but, due to my careless nature or laziness I ignore it every moment it comes to my face.

I have experienced that till moment certain work doesn’t convert in do-or-die situation we ignore it and don’t take it seriously and what comes as output to that is the work takes us seriously and starts giving us frustration.

I have one bad habit to do any work at the last moment when there will be no other option other than doing it.

Either its last day exam preparation in school & college 🙂 or any real life work I used to ignore it until its not compulsory to do.

Even when its mandatory doesn’t mean it comes with frustration and sometimes it grabs a great talent of us to make it complete at the last moment.

But, frustration comes when at the same time multiple tasks of same priority collide and we are not in a situation to complete all of them at the same time.

so, try to complete your work on time. so, you don’t be in trouble at last moment and the negative effect doesn’t come to your body.

Try to complete work on time & be healthy with big smile 🙂



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