Madness towards Celebrity

People inspires from so many things, from people surrounding them, family members, teachers & most probably from very well known celebrity of their country or world known person.

I have seen how people are mad behind their favorite celebrity in any field. lets say cricket, bollywood, singing, dance whatever field that touches to public.

specifically, in India  people treat their favorite celebrity like a god 😀

I don’t know why but when they meet them face-to-face they become mad and if they approached to them than its complete. Its like their life’s  goal has been achieved.

Last day, I went to the live concert of preetam da a famous song composer in India.

we got ticket to stand up beside the stage and you can understand people takes ticket over here are either who gets free pass/ticket like us 🙂 or who they are die hard fans of the celebrity.

so, I got chance to see those die hard fans from very close to them.

There was uncle who is about 45 years of age I think so. He was more fan of singing rather than particlarly preetam da. He had taken full video of 2 hours in their mobile with hand in air with their smartphone.

I have taken video of only I think 2 minutes and I am like my hand is telling me “its enough now put me down” and that uncle has its hand up for whole concert.

They also have a good knowledge as one of the co-singer sriram has sang one song uncle told same was sung by arijit singh in his concert.

Apart from, that there was a girl near by us and sriram has pointed out to her and blinked with one eye like 😉 with smile 🙂 and complete 🙂 she become like a mad girl and her friend and she hug each other like over day has been made by sriram.

If I talk about myself, I am not one of those mad people by nature 🙂

I can’t become mad like this behind someone even if I know the person is really really worth become mad behind him/her.

Its my nature, I can’t do with that 😀

On the other side, I have seen specifically in cricket for Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for ex.

People are so mad behind him that they have made their hair style like him, that long hairs and when in one tournament they had given very poor performance, people went to his home to burn his home. Its like very shocking!

so, with every comfort of celebrity this unexpected shocking behavior from their die hard fans comes as a free gift 🙂



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  1. It is at times crazy to see the amount of craze some people have for celebrities.


    1. divyangashah says:

      yes, indeed. I have seen it last satureday


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