Dream becomes true not always good

I have heard many people saying It never comes dreams to me at night.

Actually, my sister only used to say that, “how dreams came to night to people, I had never experienced dreams at night”

But, for me its different thing. I likes the dreams coming to me very much.

Actually, I am enjoying the dreams and used to recall them in the morning. its, great experience for me.

I used to share interesting dreams with my family now and than.

I used to tell my sister that I want to write my dreams in book or blog.

Today, I got a chance to write on it 🙂

I feels many time that something happens to me which I have seen somewhere before  and sometimes its in my dream.

so, some dreams has meaning behind it.

Once, I had seen a very huge jain temple with 2 floors in dream and after I think 1 week we group of people went to religious places tour.

Out of my surprise I went to same temple I have seen in my dream before a week.

so, I was amazed with that.

Hope you definitely have more or less same experience happened in your life If you were with open eyes focusing on your dreams like me 🙂

There is a complete science behind dreams and its effects to real life.

so, I want to write my dreams, learn that science in free time and want to compare my dreams with my life. It will be interesting stuff I think.

Currently, before 2-3 days I have seen somewhat horrifying dream.

It came in afternoon sleep.

It was like there was a very devoted jain person and very reputed one. He is also very much wealthy. but, he lives very simple life. He wears white-and-white  dress on daily bases.

He used to serve jain monks. At one place some renawned jain monk about to come and he is going over there to serve them. some one has told that If he will go over there some person will kill him over there openly.

He was knowing about this, even though he goes over there under very tight security for him.

There is a long stage from one side to another. There are so many people over there on both side of stage. The jain monk is going from one side of the stage to other side with some people with them and that person in white-and-white is also with them. Till they reaches to the end of the stage everything is good. but, when they reaches to the end I have seen there is a person with a gun. but, he is a security guy. but, some other person with a gun shoots him and I thought he died.

but, the scene changed and that person was in hospital now. It was like a residential building. When, I was going down with stairs near by the room in which he is admitted. I have literally horrified that some one will kill me, don’t know why?

so, this was my complete dream on that day and on very next day when I wake up and went outside I have seen that someone has died last night in the society opposite to us 😦

so, sometimes its wish that our dream never comes to true and sometimes it comes with amazing feeling when what we have seen only in dreams we see in real life.

so, finally enjoy dreams, they are worth enjoying. 🙂


Happy dreaming 🙂




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  1. Hargun Wahi says:

    Wish you many more amazing and adventurous dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

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