Be patient not to be in hurry

People are changing over time, their mind changes.

Actually not mind, our mentality changed over time.

Actually not over time, its over generation.

There was a time when there was only one-two people can read-write in whole village.

The post – “tar”- a message with very less no. of words used to come in village with fear of some bad news because people used to send post  in emergency only. small message is like “raju dead”.

There was a time when people were going from one place to other place in a bullock cart.

That was very slow ride. but, than also prefer it as a good option.

That time people are not in so much hurry. There was a time when people are living in joint family with 10-15 people in same home.

Actually, till my school time I was leaving in the joint family of 14 people and home used to be very joyful.

We are thinking now that facebook, whatsapp are the social network and not the family gathering. but, family bonding is actual social network.

But, as time shifted, people are in so much hurry that they have no time for social gathering. no, time to help near by person. In metro city, people don’t meet to a neighbor once in a day.

People are in so much hurry that they can’t wait for some seconds once touching lift button and they press it again-and-again to make lift available early. sometimes press button for going down and they want to go upside :p

Once they goes inside the lift they can’t wait for close the door and start pressing button to close the lift. In hurry, they press it again and it opens again 🙂 so, it takes more time due to lake of patience.

some time when we are searching some music in list of music or some game in our smartphone, we can’t search slowly. Finally, what happens we bypass the song/game searching for even it comes in a way 2-3 times because we don’t have a time to see that this is the song/game we are looking for and we miss it.

There was a time when, there is internet is enough than how much speed is doesn’t matter. but, now even 3g speed is slow for us. If it takes 10 seconds to load a page we can’t wait for it and we become angry bird :p

now, we want to be a multitasking ie., machine and we can’t even focus on single task.

moral of the story :


                                                          be patient

                                                    not to be in hurry

                                                        be happy 🙂


-Divyang Shah





2 Comments Add yours

  1. saharafoley says:

    What you say is so true. We have lost out connectivity with fellow human beings, instead replacing it with social media. So Sad. 😦


    1. divyangashah says:

      yes! its social media attack 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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