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from the day start till the last moment we sleep and even after that in a dream our mind accepts so many footprints constantly.
If we take it more deeply from the point we birth till the last breath of our life our mind accepts so many footprints constantly.
If we give our mind little more pressure from past lots and lots of life and in uncountable life yet to come our mind, rather I will say our soul accepts so many footprints constantly without taking rest of single second or lets say nano-second or any masure which is smaller than that.

sometimes, when we meet someone after so long that we don’t even remember them past say 2-3 decades. but, when we see them after so long, it blinks in our mind. our mind processes so fast that it goes 2-3 decades back and come up with the summary of that person and our mind suddenly blink with the name of the person. Mind searches through out all footprints.

It makes new footprint and parallely compares it with old all footprints.
so, our mind is best search engine that stores data in lots & lots of amount and searches in a blink.

In a day, we see too many people around us some known any many are unknown.
most of the people we forget once we see them. but, some of them, we can’t forget them. our mind takes very hard footprint of them.
May be due to their way of communication or out of the box personality or sometime due to their simple personality & clothings.

yesterday, I went by one bus stop named “Jain Upashray”. actually, I was regulary going by that bus stop. but, yesterday I have read the name of that bus stop. The same time my mind searched for same footprint in about 5 years back. At that time this was my ragular route and as my college “H.L. Institute of Computer Studies” 🙂 stop was next to this stop, this stop was an alarm for me to go ahead in bus and be ready to step out from the bus.

so, footprint alert is continuasly checking for any incident matches with previous one and it gets alarmed as it finds and same time makes new “footprints”. The key point is you shoud awake when alarm rangs rather clicking snooze button. 🙂

You can express your feelings in comment box regarding your footprint  or something like that 😉


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