When I was going back home in BRTS bus, I have seen that there is a car in BRTS corridor  in which there is a person who is a member of city’s one of the most reputed club. But, sadly he is breaking traffic rules.


As I have seen the car in BRTS corridor, its obvious that the driver of the BTRS bus also seen the person with car ahead of his bus.

As per my experience till date and as per general rule based on human nature, he would think


that means now its time that person with car will be in problem.

                 The BRTS STOP INSIDAGE



This is how BRTS stop look from inside. It has 2 doors on both side. At each door bus stops and people seats inside.

Now, When we reach the next BRTS stop our bus has to wait on 2nd gate and there was another bus standing on the first gate. so, car has no space ahead. so, the car ahead was at the 2nd door where our bus has to be stop.

As its at the place of our bus. Its obvious that driver will definitely angry on car driver. but, unexpectedly, He has stopped the bus behind the car even without a single horn or any shouting on car.

so, I think it was very unexpected even for the car driver.

Now, we check both personality and nature of both person, the nature of the person with the car was worse than a bus driver and bus driver has given good learning to the car driver how to behave and I think he was very well understood that he broke a rule without a single word/horn from behind.

I think car driver will never ever try to go inside BRTS route in future.

so, I think its live example of



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