It was about to reach the 8:00 pm in the mobile watch.

I had left office and was going to home in the BRTS bus.

There is separate road given to the BRTS bus for faster & frequent public transportation.

It doing its work very well and the motive is on way.

but, some times people like us come in between the motive.

I am going home sitting in the BRTS bus peacefully.

suddently, I have seen a car going ahead of our bus on BRTS separate route, which is actually prohibited by rule.

but, here some people think,

“rule made for break”

A car running ahead. I have seen that there is one symbol behind the car called “YMCA“.

The YMCA is symbol of very reputed club over here in Ahmedabad where educated and wealthy people become member and use to come in their free time for fun.

so, the person driving the car must be one of the educated and well settled person in the city.

so, he should be well mannered  and should respect rules by government.

but, it wasn’t. 😦

I will share PART-II of this real story in future.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hargun Wahi says:

    You are right, rules should be respected. But maybe this person was in an emergency..?
    post the next part soon 🙂


  2. divyangashah says:

    yes, may be possible. and you can check next part now 🙂


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