Dumbness of my mind

At company, we used to go downstairs after lunch.

It was my first day at company.

we went down at my very first day.

We went to the “pan na galla” where people used to go for smoke or have some chocolates for refreshment.

As we went we discussed internally what we want to buy from him.

some have told sosyo and others mile.

As I don’t want to take anything I said nothing to take.

so, one friend said take something like nothing from him for Divyang. 😉

I wasn’t exact aware of what is sosyo/mile. but, I had in mind that its some type of drinks.

After ordering it friends started to take cigarette one-by-one.

After watching this, I got confused. I feel like its my good luck that I haven’t ordered anything as its sometime of smoking and I wasn’t doing smoking. :p

but, finally their order started to serve that is sosyo named cold drink.

I feel like it was good that I haven’t spoke out what I have feel in mind.

so, I was feeling like a dump :p when I have cleared with what is reality and what I thought.


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