Story about writer and her die hard fan

There was a girl. she likes to hear different stories so much. She was hearing stories of different type from different people. sometimes from school teacher, sometimes from mother and during vacation she used to hear stories from grand father at uncle’s house without failing a single day. As she gradually grown from small child to a girl and as people like teacher, mother and grand father stopped telling story to her. But due to her hobby of hearing story she was like addicted to stories. so, she started reading story from different sources. like, comic books, news paper, story books. As its her hobby to read stories she used to tell her father to come up with different story books for me like “champak”, “nasiruddin shah”, “akbar – birbal”, “chandan”, etc.,

so, her father used to come lots & lots of books and magazines from “gujri”. gujri is a place where so many things we get at very nominal price and mostly they are second hand items. As there doesn’t matter to have a brand new story book or some one had read before she used to read it with a great interest. she used to go in a deep dive of a book that she would not know whats happening outside world other than that book. Its like she was living life in a book. she used to take visit of places narrated inside a story, she used to make relation with the characters who are part of the story. she used to feel as if she is in pace of that particular character. so, she reads like she is in different world other than real one. For her these books, novels, storybooks, magazines, newspapers are her real friends rather than some human being.

She used to talk more with the characters of story rather than her school friends.

Day-by-day her affection towards literature was increasing drastically. As she was reading regularly her vocabulary was very well. By the time she learned computer and her father had introduced her with the “world of Internet“.

so, Finally she got one more and very powerful resource to read different books, articles and so much literature on the tip of her fingers. It was a great gift from her father to her.

She started reading different blogs over there. she was punching like button when she likes some articles and writes comments over there.

Once she thought, it would be good if I can write like these blog writers.

so, she asked some of the blog writers about details that how you got a blog to write and discussed so many details about how to write and on which topics we can write and so much like that.

she also read so much regarding blogging and finally she knew how some service providers are providing blog platform for free.

so, she started one blog and slowly and gradually made it well mannered. She started his journey in blog industry. She told about this to her father. Her father was the first follower of her blog. He used to read each and every post she was making weather its small story, poem or simple article. They used to give her good and encouraging comments and by the time also provide guidance about how to improve writing as he was an English teacher in a college. He used to tell in the college about her blog.

There was good, creative, engaging and very interesting content coming from his reading experience so far. so, day-by-day people started visiting her blog and out of them some has followed her blog, some had left after first visit. some used to visit weekly bases & some on daily bases. so, its booming day-by-day. but, in this whole time she didn’t left her reading practice and getting advice from other blogger.

In the beginning time she was not a regular writer. even she was very confused about what to write and she told her father I don’t get anything in mind to write.

At that time her father advised that

  • don’t think before writing. you just open your lappi and start punching your fingers on keys. As you start doing this it will automatically something will come to your mind. she started following that strategy and magically it worked.
  • the other point is that when your mind clicked with some idea don’t think that I will write it later on and don’t delay it. Just start writing it. It may be in notebook, your lappi or anything. If you don’t have that much time for that than at least, just write down some key points or some basic title. so, you don’t miss it out in other work burden.

so, she started following these two strategies and worked it for her magically.

even you people can try it. what knows it can start doing magic in your blogging journey. đŸ™‚

to be continued….


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