break fast for us lunch for bagger

Its our daily routine to have a break fast at 5-5:15 p.m. at our office with some colleagues who are friends rather.

we have two options for break fast.

– at office cantin



– at road side near by company building


Its totally depends on what is available at canteen for our break fast.

If its something new than we stay at canteen and if its routine break fast like dalwada , veg. puf, bhel etc. than we would go for second option that’s road side packets like sev mamra, ratlami sev or pani puri. or something like that followed by a small walk in near by area.

and, yes, there is always my nasta dabba that I get it from home.

As my friends  were demanding if some day I forgot to keep it in bag 🙂

so, one day there was a routine break fast at canteen and finally we decided to go outside for break fast.

At that day, I had came with “farsi puri” in my dabba.


Its for you 🙂

We set at the batch near by our company to give justice to my dabba.

In a mean while, there came a man near by with hand trolley in which there was a boy about 5 years.

The cloths of that person and boy were very dirty. The boy had a balloon, without flown.  He had balloon in his mouth. His face was also very dirty like he had not taken shower from so long.

The person was asking for something like monet/food or something.

I gave one of the farsi puri to him.

He gave it directly to that small boy.

He tested somewhat and started playing with it.

Suddenly, something fell down from the hand of that small boy on road.

I thought the puri I had given fell down. so, I thought to give another one.

He told his father to give me back with pointing out on the road.

His father bend down and at that time I had seen that it was a balloon that fell down and not a puri. His father taken it back and given it to the boy.

I had seen that there is always same feeling of parents towards their children no matter how much they are rich or  poor. that doesn’t matter to them anymore when their children are hungry or ask for something.



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