Life across border

It was 1965.

Country, India was coming out of many issues slowly and steadily.

Its 18 years from, the year when her one part get separated from her body. Its still pinching to people leaving in India to get separated.

There were lots and lots of family whom has left their one of the two things.

They have taken very tough decision.

either throw away business that they were handling from past so many years, leave the home in which they are living from past so many generations or change the name of country they want to live.


It was tough decision. but, they were better known that if they will not be able to take decision, future will be even worse and thats for sure.

so, they have to take decision.

They were not 1-2 people. They were a big family with more than 15 members in family.

They were a grand father and grand mother with 4 boys with their wifes and have 2 children with each family.

Their home here is not less than some big palace. They have four story building with terrace.

The grand parents were so old that they were not ready to leave their home in last stage of their life as there was no idea about where to go and how to manage to earn even a meal of two time for this BIG family. but, on the other side they don’t want to be part of another new country.

Today, this is the most confusing and the toughest decision they have to take till date. they were feeling helpless. all neighbors are packing their goods and leaving their beloved home and the place where they born, brought up and live their life till date.

Yes! It would be tough decision for any person who has a big family or alone. as every person has memory attached with their home, area where they live and with people to whom they meet daily and talk for long hours in the late night.

don’t know why? but, the family used to cheerful and happy and behaving with love and care with each other, children of four brother were playing happily with each other, four brothers who used to go with each other every morning in the market to start their Saree shop, wifes of four brothers who were respecting each other and seeing god in their in-laws and serving them before they ask to serve for anything and the heart of family that is grand father and grand mother who were managing their family better than any big companies CEO or HOD all were speechless today.

Its like worst day of life for all people who has ability to understand the situation. even animals gets understand that its their final day and here are the human beings who has a mind and can think and have sensitivity with them.

They have finally decided to go ahead and see where future puts the family in coming days. Its secret hidden in the future. so, they have to wait for it to come face-to-face. They have taken as much important things as possible with them. but, small children, they were not known with this very big decision. They were thinking that they are going to visit some good place. but, when their mother told them that they are going to leave this house permanently and will never come back again. now, you can’t meet your friends in future. they realized the worse situation and they started crying like a made. After watching children crying their parents and grand parents can’t stop their tears coming out of the eyes. the whole atmosphere changed drastically and the situation become like that someone has died in their family.

No one was ready to leave the house and every one was knowing that they have to leave this place in very less time. The count down has started. Finally with tears in eyes and with sobbing voice they had taken very less important things and made 2 bullock cart and left the palace like house permanently.

They were feeling like house walls were crying and makes them stop from leaving us alone. If house could think it has thought why are you people are going and putting me alone? why you don’t take me with you? what will I do here alone? who one will take care of me without you people? how can I pass my time without you? now, there will be not cheers of small children. no shouting from mothers to small kids to come home and take your lunch. there will be no one waiting in my heart to come their husband home in the evening. I will become shabby ruined place where no one will see and after some time people will start thinking that there comes ghosts at night. It will be worse situation without you people. You are my soil I am nothing without you people. please, don’t go away from me.

to be continued………..


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