profession – gardening

It was a garden

There was a lawn in the garden.

lawn was well shaped.

It was well shaped because there was a gardener.

There was a gardener who was maintaining garden every day.

He was with weak eye-sight.

His hands were freckling now when he was giving shape to lawn with his spade.

Its due to his age. yes, he was 71 now.

But, there was a time when he was young, enthusiastic and eager to learn gardening.

He was learning every day about new flowers, plants, trees.

He used to come with his father every weekend and his father was giving knowledge with same enthusiasm when he was 17.


He was gardening and suddenly his grandson, 17 came with his wife his wife, 67.

He started to show new plants he has planted last month and had grew some what and given water pot to his grandson to pour to plants and he went for meal.

He was learning his profession by that way.

This is the way profession goes on decades-by-decades generation-by-generation.


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