Ind-Pak Live peacefully and let others live

one day in someone’s family 2 girls born.
2 girls with one body.
2 girls and combined 2 body make them one.
They were living happily and have no problems with that.
They don’t even have ability to understand situation.
Doctor told till some years we can’t make them apart as operation is risky
for such a small childs.
After 5 years the day of separation came.
Both girls can understand situation better now.
They have some body part which can go to one of them more than other.
They started quarelling for that part.
Finally, operation took place and some part went to one girl more at some place and
some part went to other girl more at other place.
They don’t get mutually agreed on what happend.
They used quarrel very often on this topic even after 65 years of operation rather than accepting it.

This is what same situation happened with 2 countries India-Pakistan before 65 years which was one
someday in past that was HINDUSTAN.
At the time of freedom partition took place some part of the HINDUSTAN body went to INDIA some to PAKISTAN.
It was possible to leave happily in their respective country without quarreling with one another.
Both country have their people they love their country but some people play with
their feelings and use them for their benefits and result is same with what happened
with those 2 girls after 65 years.

so, INDIA-PAKISTAN please leave happily and peacefully in your country without interfere with other country.
because, life is very small.
and you can do so much innovative and enjoy life on fullest rather than
quarelling with each other.


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